Swarnim Mahotsav | IQAC Reports | Re-Acreditation Reports Submitted to NAAC - 2013

Welcome to our college website!

Our work is our identity, our soul. Having passed the Wuthering heights of progress, this institution has been rooted like a banyan tree and has also become a Landmark. Devoted and philanthropic Management, sighted and progressive natured Prinapals, curious and dutiful staff, disciplined academic atmosphere are our peculiarities.

We believe in what, the English writer and thinker, Ruskin Bond, has said:

“Education should be as gradual as the moonrise, perceptible not in progress but in result.”

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. - Richard Frank

Education, as a profession, is an art and as a hobby, it is devotion.- Pandurang Athwale

Our Vision-Mission

Vision :

To educate and enable youth to enhance the dignity and progress of the society as well as the nation.


  • To make the rural youth aware and obedient of constitutional values like democracy, secularism and freedom of opinion and to make them execute the duties of a true citizen sincerely.
  • To nurture them at gender equilibrium in order to avoid partiality with regard to sex in daily life.
  • To enable a village to be economically and socially potential center of development. To make the youth live in honour by undertaking inherited and traditional business with employing appropriate technology.
  • To arouse vocational skill and curiosity of self-employment in the mind of the youth.
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